Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving to the Suncoast

Just a reminder: Naomi and Eliza have a new blog about all of our Florida fun.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing with the Dolly House

Just some snapshots from a couple nights ago...

Naomi and Eliza



Naomi was playing with her dolls - she stopped as soon as I started the camera to ham it up, of course

Florida is F-U-N!

I should have named this post "Florida is F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G" because it barely made it to 60 degrees most days while we were there. However, we had a couple good days on the beach during our Christmas holiday.


Eliza, playing with her Christmas figurines

Naomi in the hole & Eliza standing up


All of us on the Naples pier

Christmas Morning!

Yes it's March, but here are some fun Christmas morning pics.

Here is the traditional Christmas morning hair pic - Santa brought Na and Z a "dolly house."

Nan got the girls Tinkerbell costumes. Here is Eliza modeling her costume.

Naomi and Uncle Chris

Naomi preferred to wear her wings with her Minnie Mouse nightgown.

Eliza dressed as Tinkerbell, holding a Tinkerbell doll :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Happy Halloween! This year we paid homage to The Wizard of Oz. Naomi was the Wicked Witch of the West, and Eliza was Glinda the Good Witch. The girls chose which character they wanted to be. Naomi said, “My wanna wear the green make-ups, Mama.” (Yes she says “my” instead of “I”. She thinks that “my” is her own personal pronoun.) We tried the green witch make-up on her, but we ultimately decided against it. Eliza just wanted to wear sparkles. They loved being witches. Here are some snap shots.

Eliza and Naomi eating suckers at Grammy's house

Eliza as Glinda the Good Witch

Naomi as the Wicked Witch of the West

It was seriously painful to get them to sit still and smile together - I had to enlist the help of David, Grammy, Becca, and Uncle Shan.

Most of our pictures looked like this - Eliza smiled while Naomi pouted. Naomi really wanted to eat candy. The girls, of course, don't eat candy on a regular basis. We made an exception for Halloween - they ate as many suckers, m&m's, candy pumpkins, and nerds as they could in 3 days. Not to mention all the candy the relatives gave them that I don't even know about.

I love Naomi's tights and broom.

Here they are walking up to GG's door.

Their candy buckets had Mickey and Minnie on them... of course.

Clearly Eliza is pleased with her spoils.

I started to take pics at home before the Ward party, but I only got to Naomi. Eliza had (and still has!) a cold and was asleep. Naomi was so pleased with her costume.

Here she is showing me her stockings.

Seriously - she is the cutest evil witch I have ever seen.

When Eliza finally woke up, it was time to go - I rushed the girls outside to snap a few pics. Eliza loved her wand. Her costume was sooo sparkly that there is now glitter all over the apartment and car.


In Naomi and Eliza's world, the witches are best friends who hold hands.

Yay for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WKU Family Weekend

Last weekend, Gramma Dot, the girls, and I visited Auntie Lolo for Western Kentucky University's Family Weekend, which happened to fall on Lauren's 20th birthday. Yay! Being veteran car-trippers, the girls traveled beautifully down to WKU. They pointed out every red or orange tree on I-65 to each other. Naomi would say, "Yook, my see an orange tree." Then Eliza would say, "Ooooooaahhhooo." It was adorable.

We attended two WKU women's soccer games. (Both of which the Lady Toppers won - woot!) Lauren also planned a trip to Jackson's Orchard. The girls loves running through the pumpkins, feeding the animals, riding ponies, and taking a hay ride. It was an absolutely perfect fall day. Here are some pictures of our weekend adventures:

Eliza, singing as per usual

Z loved sitting on the pumpkins

Naomi liked choosing the pumpkins she liked best.

However, she couldn't even carry the little ones around with her. hehe

The orchard was gorg.

But my baby girls are cuter...

I think Eliza is trying to ride a pumpkin in this picture.

Or maybe she is just trying to count all of them.

Eliza finally posed. I'm not kidding - I took over 50 pictures of the girls playing in the pumpkins....

But most of them looked like this... pretty girl, pretty pumpkins, bad shots

Here is Naomi on the hayride.

Naomi on the slide

Naomi loved the playground...

But she really loved the pony - amazingly, the girls waited their turn in line to ride the pony. This gives me hope that they may actually wait in the eternal lines to meet Mickey and Minnie in a few months time. Wish us luck. I really want them to have as much fun on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin as I do.

Eliza liked to pet the bunnies. Two-year-olds are not exactly the softest animal-petters... I swear I was having flashes of an Of Mice and Men catastrophe.

Here Eliza is looking at the turtles in the bucket.

Naomi, on the other hand, only wanted to feed goats.

She cried and cried when I tried to make her see the other animals. She said, "My haff to feed the goooooooooats!"

I tried to pose them on a cute bench, flanked by pumpkins. This is honestly the best shot I got. Seriously girls.

Here is Gramma Dot reading to Naomi. Poor Gramma must have read this book two dozen times in two days. The girls love repetition.

Eliza and Gramma

Naomi (left) and Eliza (right) in their "Big Red" t-shirts

Here they are waiting for Auntie Lolo at the end of her game - they were such hams. They jumped, danced, played ring-around-the-rosie, and many other games in front of all the families of the WKU soccer team. They thought climbing on this fence was big fun.

Silly girls...